One of the highlights for Child of Time this year was its wiki release! The so-far unwritten book series is thought to quickly achieve many awards with its release. The four authors share it between them, writing a chapter each. The first book will be finished completely by Winter next year.

Child of TimeEdit

The first book, Child of Time, features a thirteen year old girl, Cynthia May, who is an orphan. The tale is set in a fantasy world named Luxomnia, which does not yet know of technology, but uses magic. It is a world ruled by gods and goddesses, and when Cynthia learns that she is the daughter of the main goddess Pendea, who controls time. She runs away from her home and meets a boy in the forest: William Fletcher. They travel together, joined by other freedom-seekers like Arianna Webb, Odelia Errant, Edgar the prince of dragons and Eifee the faerie.