The Death Note Wiki is about the shounen suspense series written by Tsugumi Ohba and drawn by Takeshi Obata. It includes information on characters, plot, key items, etc. which are involved in the manga, anime and movies. The wikicurrently has 251 pages.

Notable users in 2011Edit

-Arceus The God of Pokemon

What's NewEdit

Several new pages were added to the wiki this year, including "Death Note Original Soundtrack I", "Death Note Original Soundtrack II" and"Yuri" (a character). In addition, Dremler adopted the wiki. After asking to adopt the wiki, Arceus told him that he would need the permission of user, Mikazuki (most likely because of her number of edits or the time she amount of time she had been on the wiki), however this was not required, as Mikazuki had been active for a while at that point. Mikazuki remained inactive, even after Dremler left a message on her talk page asking for permission. And so, Dremler was allowed to adopt the wiki.  Dremler made Arceus an admin, and offered to make Kira4real,  Mikazuki (if the two were active within a week) and KidVegeta admins (if he began contributing more regularly). Kira4real was made an admin, and it seems that Mikazuki and KidVegeta missed out on the opportunity. After almost four months of being inactive, Mikazuki returned and began contributing again. After asking permission, Mikazuki changed the character templates. Among the notable things added, Mikazuki added the voice actors of characters outside of English and Japanese dubbed, including Hungarian, both Spanish versions and German. This change to the character templates is something rarely seen on wikis. On September 4th, a new user, MarleneZ. joined the wiki. Due to the lack of admins, on December 21st, Dremler left a message on Mikazuki's talk page, saying that since he was busy with college that he considered promoting MarleneZ., who had almost 700 edits by then, to an admin. Mikazuki agreed, and MarleneZ. was promoted; she is now the main admin who is online.

Top Wikis of 2011Edit

The Death Note wiki is aware that they probably won't get many votes since this page was added the day before 2012, and instead just hopes to see new users and more contributions on the site as a result of this.