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The Lego Message Boards Wiki is a wiki which is all about the Lego Message Boards.


The wiki was created in August of 2009 by Legoguy1886. He couldn't get it to grow, however, so it soon went inactive. Not long after, he also went inactive. There were a lot of users who discovered it and made accounts, but without an admin they couldn't get anywhere. Nothing really happened until January 2011, when a user named Drew1200 joined. Along with Legobatmankid10, they sent in a request to adopt the wiki, and succesfully did so. For the next few months, they where alone, with a couple other users just creating the articles. It wasn't until around May 2011 that more users started to join. In June they started to figure more out about MediaWiki and coding, and customized the wiki. Until then, it just had the basic things. In December 2011, it reached 250 users, however 60+ of them are blocked.


The Lego Message Boards Wiki has a very large and active community. It has one of the most active chats out of all wikis, and is extremely safe. Currently the chat has a bad word filter blocking all swear words, tons of bad names, and phrases usually used to harass people. The same type of filter is also currently being worked on for pages on the wiki.