Biggest MomentEdit

The biggest moment for Pioneer Trail Wiki in 2011 was the Release of The Trail - which was when they renamed Frontierville to The Pioneer Trail. This allowed Pioneers (name they use for players) to travel to different areas.

Most Anticipated MomentEdit

Most anticipated moment on the wiki was the buildup to Fort Courage which was the destination of the Trail. While the community was not happy with the glitches in the game (which is usual) people were pretty excited with anticipation of getting to Fort Courage. But when they finally opened Fort Courage it was such a disappointment as there were no mission or much to do there at all. The developers say they just opened it and will release missions for it at a later date as this would allow pioneers to redo the trail. The amount of missions, buildings, collections, and Badges that have been released is considered too many by most pioneers. At least now pioneers can play 3 different areas so when they have nothing to do in one area they can do something somewhere else.

One good building they released this year (as opposed to useless ones) was the Greenhouse which allowed pioneers to place their crops in there and neighbors could visit your homestead and also enter that building to tend crops.


  • Pioneer Trail Wiki's biggest goal in 2011 has been to have the wiki site officially recognized by Zynaga as an official fan site. The wiki has upgraded all their policies and placed quality check projects.