Rage Wiki Fun FactsEdit

  • There are about 19 different sorts of ammunition in the game Rage
  • There are 54 different cards you can collect to use in the minigame "Rage Frenzy"
  • There are over 16 schematics in Rage
  • The "Arks" were shelters made to help selected people survive the impact of the asteroid "Apophis"
  • There are 5 different types of vehicles in the game
  • That mutants, unlike normal human enemies, disintegrate a few seconds after they are killed
  • The Resistance is a group of people who oppose The Authority
  • In a Rage Wiki poll asking how long it took you to finish the game Rage 11 hours or more was the most common answer with 34%, 8 people responded that they finished the game in four hours or less,