True Blood Wiki celebrated the finale of Season 4 with a live chat party on September 11.


The True Blood Wiki community used the chat function for the season finale and communicated with other fans in real time about the twists and turns while editing on the wiki.

Fan FavoritesEdit

  • The most beloved character on the True Blood Wiki is Pam. The community listed their favorite top five Pam quotes:
  • There is a lot of controversy on the wiki over who Sookie should be with: Bill or Eric. The community created a Top Ten List for reasons Sookie should be with Bill and another one listing reasons Sookie should be with Eric.
  • They also created articles detailing Sookie’s relationship with both Bill and Eric through the entire series.
  • Relationships are actually a favorite topic on the True Blood wiki; they have a category page for all of the relationships on the show: